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You have found the ultimate resource to grow your fitness business and marketing, earn more money and help more clients get in great shape. You now have the business tools and tactics that will help you create your perfect fitness career.

You need to master the 3 key elements to reach the highest levels of success in your fitness business.

1. Gain high quality and relevant fitness education, and then continue your education for the rest of your life!

2. Use proven step-by-step fitness business systems and models to make your business run smoothly while you help more people and secure your financial future.

3. And, you need a fitness business coach and mentor to guide you every step of the way. Allow your coach to make your journey to the top of the fitness industry enjoyable and speedy!


If you feel frustrated because you haven't made it big yet, I can guide you to the highest levels of fitness business success! All the others I have helped are no different that you.... with one exception....... they have already taken action. Now, It's your turn!

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Each week, over one million people enjoy a fitness, wellness and personal success programs created by John Spencer Ellis. His programs are implemented in the top resorts, spas and fitness centers. John is the CEO of the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA), Spencer Institute for Life Coaching, International Triathlon Coaching Association (ITCA), and the Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association (MMACA). He's the founder of Wexford University. John created Adventure Boot Camp, the largest fitness boot camp system in the world. He also created Intense Mixed performance Accelerated Cross Training (IMPACT), Kung-fu Fitness and TACTIX. His TriActive America signature series of outdoor exercise equipment is used worldwide. He created programs used by Cirque du Soleil, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, and consults the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships). (Full fitness business bio)

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